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Hi there! I'm Naia Kete - Song Healer, Transformational Breath & Vocal Coach,Ā founder of Song Healing Trauma, co-founder of The Dojo Woman Collective & urban-reggae band SayReal.

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About Me šŸ’œ

I'm Naia Kete, aĀ championĀ for those seeking to find their voice, heal through song, and live authentically according to their unique design.

My journey has taken me from the vibrant streets of Los Angeles, where I honed my craft as a street performer, to the worldā€™s most renowned stages, sharing the essence of my soul through music with my urban-reggae SayReal.

Rooted in a deep passion for social justice and empowerment, I've dedicated my life to uplifting women and young people, guiding them to express their truest selves and share their gifts with the world.

Recognized by Rolling Stone as an "earthy soulstress," my music and teachings are a testament to the power of authentic expression and the transformative impact of living in harmony with one's Human Design.

The heart of my work lies in one on one coaching,Ā  The Dojo Woman Collective and Song Healing Trauma, spaces where healing through song and sisterhood flourishes. As a Breath Coach and Song Healer, I weave together the ancient wisdom of Human Design, the liberating practice of Transformational Breathwork, and the healing power of music to support a journey of deep healing and self-discovery. Whether through the soul-stirring rhythms of SayReal or the intimate connection of one-on-one coaching, my mission is to empower individuals to navigate their paths with courage, love, and an undeNaiable voice.

This journey, grounded in my roots as a musician and advocate for change, is about more than just musicā€”it's a call to live freely, love deeply, and sing the truth of your soul.

I'm here to support you in discovering what it is to be Undenaiably YOU. Click the button below to continue your journey...


"I feel humbled on my knees to be able to receive support and belief from a genius like Naia who is so humble and so kind and will only literally speak if it's true."

- Zahara Zimring

"My experience with Naia has been life changing. The song I received has been an anthem for me...listening I find myself on fire ready to fight for myself."

- Ezhara

"Naia sang directly into my open wounds and helped to heal me. During our sessions, I never felt so honest in the way I was able to communicate my story."

- Devon Brazil
Exclusive Offerings FromĀ 


At the heart of my offerings lies the Undenaiable suite: Voice, Healing, Breath, and Design, each a unique journey into self-discovery and empowerment. Through personalized vocal coaching, transformative breathwork, deep healing through song, and the wisdom of Human Design, I guide individuals towards authentic expression, profound healing, and living in alignment with their true selves.

Undenaiable Voice

UndenaiableĀ Voice is a one-to-one vocal coaching program that integrates personalized singing techniques with the healing power of music and breathwork, guiding you to discover and express your unique vocal identity and authentic self. This transformative journey not only elevates your singing but also empowers you to heal and transform through the profound connection between your voice, body, and spirit.


UndenaiableĀ Breath

Undenaiable BREATH offers a deep dive into Transformational Breathwork, teaching you to harness the power of conscious breathing to release emotional and physical blockages, leading to improved health, increased clarity, and a deeper connection with your authentic self. This program is designed to transform your breath into a powerful tool for personal transformation and wellbeing.


Undenaiable Healing

At the heart of Undenaiable Healing is Song Healing Trauma - a program that combines personalized song, somatic healing, and coaching to transform trauma into empowerment for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. It offers a unique sanctuary for turning pain into a powerful anthem of liberation, resonating with anyone on a journey towards healing and self-discovery.


Undenaiable Design

ersonalized Human Design readings unlock the blueprint of your unique genetic makeup, providing clarity on your life's purpose, decision-making, and energy management. This insightful journey into self-awareness empowers you to navigate life with confidence and authenticity, embracing your true potential.


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